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Development of Operator Support Systems for Advanced HMI ( related papers, related sites)

Automated Operating Procedure System (ATOPS)

Automated Operating Procedure System (ATOPS)

  • •Supports full automation of NPPs
  • •Focuses its function on the automation, whereas a computerized procedure system focuses its function on providing HMI

ATOPS performs actions as main control room (MCR) operators do.

  • •ATOPS monitors the plant status, detects anomalies, diagnoses the status, and performs control actions on the plant according to corresponding operating procedures
  • •ATOPS can be used for an automation system and an operator support system.
  • •ATOPS is a prototype of the system that helps NPPs become fully automated.

Accident Diagnosis Advisory System (ADAS)

Main features of the Accident Diagnosis Advisory System (ADAS) are as follows:

  • •To analyze the plant status and show an accident list in real-time.
  • ◦Generation of reasonable results with the only information until the current time.
  • •To perform accident diagnoses in detail.
  • ◦ADAS provides precise information on the current state such as rupture size or the position.
  • •To consider both analog and digital inputs.
  • ◦ADAS considers analog and digital inputs using two kinds of neural networks.