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System Development, Power Maneuvering (related papers, related sites)

Development of Advanced I&C Systems

Advanced Reactor Protection System

•Dynamic Safety System
•Computer based reactor protection system
•Performs on-line dynamic testing
•Implemented in PLC for PWR application

Distributed Simulator

•Distributed simulator constructed with five personal computers
•Several concurrent simulations distributed over a network
•Maintenance and modification to system is easy
•Construction of a real time distributed simulation environment

Integrated Digital I&C System Mock-up

•Integration of advanced I&C systems developed from research results
•Exchange of plant data through network
•Multi purpose I&C system mock-up

Power maneuvering of Nuclear Power Reactor

  • •Development of an advanced power maneuvering method for PWRs
  • •Increasing load follow operation capability of PWR
  • •Lower shifted worth control rods (LSWCRs)
  • •Operation strategy for the power maneuvering with LSWCRs minimizing boron concentration change

Related Papers

International Journal Papers

  • Ung Soo Kim, Hyun Gook Kang, Poong Hyun Seong, "Implementation of a Dynamic Safety System in a PLC for PWRs", ANS Transaction, Vol. 76, 314 - 314, 1997
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  • Ung Soo Kim and Poong Hyun Seong, "Development of Axially Variable Strength Control Rods for the Power Maneuvering of PWRs", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol. 85 P. 384-385, 2001, 11

International Conference Papers

Domestic Journal Papers

Related Papers

Domestic Conference Papers

  • Ung Soo Kim, Poong Hyun Seong, "A Study on Implementation of Dynamic Safety System in Programming Logic Controller for Pressurized Water Reactor", Proc. of the Korean Nuclear Society, Taejon, 1996, 11
  • Ung Soo Kim, Poong Hyun Seong, "초장주기 원자로 통합 설계 툴을 위한 설계 자료 및 지식 데이터베이스 시스템 구축을 위한 연구", Korea Nuclear Society, Seoul, Korea, P. 93 - 93, 2001, 10
  • Ung Soo Kim, Poong Hyun Seong, "An Application of the LSWCR(Lower Shifted Worth Control Rod) for The Power Maneuvering for Pressurized Water Reactor", Korea Nuclear Society, Cheju, Korea, 2001, 5

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