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번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
44 11월14일-(김지태)인적오류 관련 사건 사례 소개 관리자 2012.02.28 696
43 12월26일-(김희은)Modeling Issues Related to the Network Communication Failure 관리자 2012.01.04 810
42 12월26일-(김형주)The Psychology of Everyday Things 관리자 2012.01.04 802
41 12월26일-(김아름)Review of 4 Papers Related to Inappropriate Communications 관리자 2012.01.04 786
40 12월26일-(김보경)A Study on Quantification of Reliability of DPPS with Fault Tolerant Techniques 관리자 2012.01.04 724
39 12월26일-(이승민)Emerging Technologies in Human-System Interaction file 관리자 2012.01.04 798
38 12월26일-(임호빈)A Preparedness Measure of Teams to Deal with Emergency Situations file 관리자 2012.01.04 596
37 12월26일-(이승우)Technical Licensing Issues related to Digital Instrumentation &Control (I&C) Systems in NPPs 관리자 2012.01.04 679
36 12월26일-(신승기)Modification of Dynamic Spare Node and Introduction to Various Requirements of a Reliability Model for Digital I&C Systems file 관리자 2012.01.04 670
35 12월12일-(김희은)Review on “Unavailability and Spurious Operation Probability of k-out-of-n Reactor Protection Systems in Consideration of CCF” file 관리자 2012.01.04 1035
34 12월5일-(김아름)Correlation Analysis of the Communication Characteristics of Operating Teams and the Frequency of Inappropriate Communcations in NPPs 관리자 2012.01.04 786
33 12월5일-(김보경)A Study on Reliability Modeling of DPPS with Fault Tolerant Techniques Considering Fault Detection and Process Characteristics and Human Errors 관리자 2012.01.04 776
32 11월21일-(신승기)Development of an Intuitive Dynamic Reliability Analysis Method to Analyze Sequence-Dependent Failures and Various Changes of Operation Modes in Nuclear Power Plants 관리자 2011.12.07 777
31 11월14일-(이승민)Evaluation of Effectiveness of On-line Monitoring System in NPP file 관리자 2011.12.07 711
30 11월7일-(김형주)Introduction to Graph Theory to Measure Complexity of the Graph 관리자 2011.12.07 734
29 10월24일-(이승우)A Compartive study on the team situation awareness and team communication chacteristics between a conventional and digital MCR 관리자 2011.11.14 831
28 10월17일-(김아름)Development of an Evaluation Method of Communication Characteristics of Operating Teams in NPPs using Social Network Analysis (SNA) Technique 관리자 2011.11.14 816
27 10월17일-(김보경)A Study on Reliability Modeling of DPPS with Fault Tolerant Techniques Considering Detection Characteristics and Human Errors 관리자 2011.11.14 656
26 10월10일-(이은찬)Evaluation of Failure Modes and Their Risk Contribution of Critical Non-safety Digital I&C Systems 관리자 2011.10.31 891
25 10월10일-(임호빈)A Comprehensive Decision Making Model in a Main Control Room of Nuclear Power Plants and Its Quantification Method file 관리자 2011.10.31 675