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12월18일-(조현준)An experimental approach to the effect of noise and sleep loss on human performance using TCI during NPP maintenance
(원자력 발전소 정비업무 시 작업집중도지수를 이용한 소음과 수면부족이 인간 수행도에 미치는 영향에 대한 실험적 접근)
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
41 10월29일-(신승기)Introduction to Dynamic Reliability Block Diagrams (DRBD) 황선하 2007.11.08 567
40 10월8일-(김영식)The study on the method for selection of SNF transportation route including the transport cost and monetary valuation of radiological risk using CVM 황선하 2007.10.10 573
39 10월8일-(조현준)Informatics Approach to Quantitative Evaluation of FBD Program Complexity (FBD 프로그램 복잡도의 정량적 평가를 위한 정보공학적 접근 ) 황선하 2007.10.10 625
38 10월8일-(구좌진)Evaluating the Effectiveness of Augmented Reality for Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance tasks 황선하 2007.10.10 670
37 10월1일-(Parvaiz)An attack modeling and AHP based approach for the selection of the best available alternative for a security control for the cyber security of safety related nuclear digital I&C system file 관리자 2007.10.02 627
36 10월1일-(하준수)Issues in Human Performance Evaluation for the Validation of Advanced Control Rooms 관리자 2007.10.02 520
35 9월17일-(손종주)Simulation Results of Developed Feedwater Controller - Loop-Shaping H vs. PI Controller 관리자 2007.09.21 607
34 9월17일-(이현철)Attention Modeling and Its Application 관리자 2007.09.21 493
33 9월10일-(김영식)K-RADLINK GUI connected with RADTRAN for user convenience and data management improvement 관리자 2007.09.12 564
32 9월10일-(조현준)Quantitative Measure for Software Maintenance 관리자 2007.09.12 640
31 9월10일-(구좌진)An Approach to Designing Augmented Reality Systems considering Human 관리자 2007.09.12 499
30 9월3일-(김인)Augmented Reality Applications for Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Work 황선하 2007.09.04 516
29 9월3일-(신승기)Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Systems based on Ubiquitous Technology 황선하 2007.09.04 673
28 8월20일-(고광용)An Approach to Building Human-Centered Specification 황선하 2007.08.21 589
27 8월20일-(Parvaiz)An AHP based decision approach to select a secure alternative for the cyber security of safety related nuclear digital I&C systems file 황선하 2007.08.21 503
26 8월8일-(하준수)Challenging Issues associated with Advanced Control Rooms 황선하 2007.08.21 568
25 8월8일-(김성호)Software Component Reliability Analysis file 황선하 2007.08.21 620
24 7월30일-(손한성)Introduction to SCADE 관리자 2007.08.03 548
23 7월16일-(정재천)Feedwater Flow Measurement and Experience using a Clamp-on Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter In Nuclear Power Plant(정재천) 관리자 2007.08.03 667
22 7월2일-(조현준)Software Maintenance file 관리자 2007.08.03 944